Wednesday, April 02, 2008

van talk/FLA

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The van talk on OakTeam tours is so damn stupid, you people would just not believe it. Whether it was our ramblings about Russell Crowe’s “tater tot” (to which, I left a note for our hotel maid of such a rumor and even wrote a rap song about it) or about the adventures one of our friends who used to “thumb” to gigs or stupid crap we’ve seen on YouTube or listening to really great/bad CD’s by artists like The Sugar or whatever…it’s always usually hilarious.
Scheming marketing angles is sometimes the topic in eVANgeline. “Hey, let’s have our own radio show that transmits around the van so that when people driving around us tune in to the numbers ON the van they can hear our music and find out where we’re headed to play!”
Once this weekend we discussed the possibility of random “River dances” on the side of the road. And guess what, it happened. Dave pulled over on the way to Monty’s Saturday and never said why.
Me--”What?”, Dave—“You know”.
Six seconds later we’re ALL, including Paul (our merch dude) on the side of the road…hands on hips and legs a’ flailing! Yet another reason why I hate playing my hometown, we don’t get to hang out together as much. Great teams really love each other, and we always seem to have a blast on “tour” (even if it is just one gig). I’d venture to say we’d all just hop in the van and ride around the country together for a while just for the hell of it, whether we had a gig or not. Sometimes it’s just fun to hang with the boys, ya know?


Anonymous said...

Mind if I catch a ride?

philwo said...

That's what a man needs from time to time !

Anonymous said...

Why don't y'all ride up here to Ontario? We'd show you a good time.
Dan from London