Wednesday, April 02, 2008

PCP review

The Olympic Ass Kickin' Team
When the OAK Team Comes to Town
The best-named band in the land led by the incomparable Terry Anderson
offers a 21-track should-be greatest hits collection recorded live in
the studio. Anderson, a frequent songwriting partner of Al Anderson
(no relation), is a black belt in the bad-assed roots-rocking power
pop perfected by masters such as NRBQ and Rockpile. His twisted sense
of humor is obvious on songs such as "Daddy Had a Wreck" and "Mr. Bus
Driver Man" as is his love of booze on "Feel a Drunk" and
"Thunderbird." But he also can do non-cheesy love songs with ease:
"Yesterday Clyde Virginia" and "Sunday Dress." On the latter, bassist
Jack Cornell's perfect vocals are enough to make Eddie Hinton smile in
blue-eyed soul heaven. Fun and well done from start to finish.
-Andy Turner


Anonymous said...

Well, Andy sure got that right!

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Al not having a relation