Sunday, April 13, 2008

RTC interview

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After watching a Korean horror flick, Jack and I were interviewed by Steve Boyle yesterday afternoon for more footage to be included on his “Return to Comboland” documentary. The film gets its name from an LP of the same name put together back in ’85 by our friend Godfrey Cheshire (who also has a new movie out, btw). The record included songs from North Carolina artists “trying to make it” back in the day, “Battleship Chains” by The Woods among them. (This release also made it possible for The Sat’s to record it without asking but that’s another story altogether, water under the bridge as they say). Steve’s documentary will go into more detail about the bands from the ‘80’s in this area and how it really was the golden age of NC music. He’s also interviewing The DB’s, Mitch Easter, Glass Moon, Don Dixon and others from Arrogance, our fellow remaining Fabulous Knobs, The Spongetones, The X-Teens and more. Steve’s pretty well connected, so he’s hoping for a nationwide release on cable or at the very least NC’s PBS stations.

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Jeff Hart said...

nice to see bartles and james (in the pic) get their due. next time the mic is put before them, have the documentary makers ask b&j's opinion on the 80s lives mixes ie., the dick mix vs. the devo dave mix.

also, will the "haulin' oates buddies" get their due in this film?