Sunday, April 13, 2008

Stones/DG to the rescue!

So Grace and I had a blast tonight at the IMAX showing of “Shine a Light”, the new Rolling Stones (and best by far, in my opinion) live show put to film. It’s the old IMAX recipe of boost the guy on screen up in the audio mix and boy did we get a lot of treats featuring Mick and Keith, warts and all, y’all. It was an absolute joy and reminded me again of why I still love playing rock and roll, besides the fact of…as Keith puts it…”My luck hasn’t run out yet!” Highlights include (believe it or not) “Just My Imagination” (soulful as a MoFo!), "She was Hot, "Buddy Guy on “Champagne and Reefer” and if it were up to Oscar for the lighting, Jeez! It was just beautiful!
Afterwards, our friends Larry, Bob and Carina joined us at Sushi Thai for our late sashimi dinner. The conversation was the usual fare of stupid things we had done, whether together or not. The waitress was new and when Grace and I ordered a bottle of Kenwood Merlot she asked “white or red?” Uhhh…OK…so it’s gonna be like that, ehh?” The food was awesome though and as we were leaving Larry shared an interesting story. It seems that a fellow he worked with knew someone who had hired a hooker. Well, the crack-ho wouldn’t do the dirty deed without some sort of re-enforcement on his behalf and he had showed up without. Sooooooo…what’s the next best thing?
A Dollar General bag, of course! He used a damn plastic grocery bag. OMG! Dude! You are so wrong for that! But! Once again, Dollar General to the rescue!
Go see that movie, yo!

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Jeff Hart said...

totally agreed and i totally loved it. been twice already. the camera angles reminded me of that "being on stage with 'em" feeling that jonathan demme shot in the last neil young film at the ryman auditorium. the guitars were very distinct, sometimes panned left vs. right so you could easily tell who was doing what. i think the drums could have been mixed a little louder on some songs, but that's really the only blip in an otherwise powerful concert movie. the beacon was the perfect place to shoot this. to be honest, the first song, "jumpin' jack flash", set the tone and i was really having trouble sitting still in my seat. i may have to see the i-max version next.