Sunday, April 06, 2008

early spring

Last week at Monty’s we were “rehersin’” when we broke into song…well, namely, “Band on the Run” songs. “Jet” was great fun and “Let me Roll It” sounded EXACTLY like it. I got the double stabs and everything. We were listening to it on the way down. It’s one of Greg’s favorite records ever. Can’t say as I blame him, THAT is some singable shit!
I never realized that there were railroad tracks in the middle of the basketball court at the AlamoDome. I just saw a train from KU go through last night as mow my team DOWN! THAT was embarrassing! BUT! I’ll ask you local rivals, don’t you wish your team was in the Final Four? ...and Hansbrough was on your team? Awesome year comes to an end. I could make myself cry if I wanted to. Ehhh…it’s just a game.
…AND if that wasn’t depressing enough, we (uhh...Grace) started doing our taxes today. I mostly cheered her on…and drank.
I think I’m gonna go see the Mudcats play this week. It IS early Spring and the crack of baseball bats is in the air.
Hey, check out these pics from my yard..and shit….



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Anonymous said...

I have done both. First I looked at your pictures. I have also gone to the restroom and shit.

Both were very enjoyable.

Tom C

dave g said...

I love the Mudcats ! That restaurant isn't shabby, either.

Jeff Hart said...

love the intro to "jet". good call there greg. love the band on the run lp overall.