Tuesday, April 08, 2008

salad on a stick

For a long time now I’ve been trying to figger out what I’m gonna do in my later years, when they come (he he!), to make money and I think I’ve finally found it… salad on a stick. Yep, I’m gonna help pow’ful Merka fight the battle of the bulge by driving around in a used taco truck at construction sites and workplaces handing out salads like they were ice cream cones. I’ll get a bunch of tongue depressor sticks and shove’m into the bottom of a heads of romaine lettuce, cram some peppers and onions in the top, a couple of slices of tomato, some salad dressing…”$4.50 please!” It just might work, I’ll make at least $2 a piece of the deal. I’ll also offer varieties of dressings and toppings, some mini-baguettes with real butter, hell…I’d buy it! Not only that! ..but I could also sell my CD’s outta that thing too! I can see it now, Big ‘ol “SALAD ON A STICK” on the side, “Battleship Chains” blasting on that little horn speaker on the back. So watch soon for it…www.saladonastick.com.
Oh wait….how much will gas be? I might have to re-think this thing.

PS- since I’m not feeling T-51, please refer to me in the future as T40-11, pronounced “T forty leh’m”. I don’t really feel 51 and 40-11 seems to flow a little better.

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