Thursday, March 13, 2008

I’m gonna beat the shit outta…

...them drums this weekend, I'm gonna scream and you know what? Big Daddy Dave is gonna rock hell outta that formally in-the-pool Telecaster, Jack’s gonna roll them beautiful melodic bass lines and vocals and Greg’s gonna leave our mouths wide open in amazement and it’s gonna be a wonderful time had by all. Effortless, star-time, slamdunkin’ ass-kickin’ fun!
DoubleNaught Records label mates Monty Warren and The T’s will open the show. Monty’s new record, “Trailer Park Angel” will be out soon…rockin’!, and The T’s, “Capital T” is already out, produced by the aforementioned Big Daddy...Git it!
Just like a rock rollin’ down’s non-stop, relentless rockin’...
courtesy of DoubleNaught records. Thank you very much!

The Pour House
March 15, 2008
Monty Warren
The T’s
The OakTeam

It’s Jack’s Happy Birthday Party!! It is gonna be IGNUNT!

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