Sunday, March 16, 2008

long fun day

Dewd! Yesterday was INSANE! Every minute of it was on a schedule that most 51 year olds would NOT be able to handle. First of all, filling in for my Dad who’s still not at 100% yet, I was wrangled by my son into playing a church sponsored golf tournament that was raising money for their yearly Ecuador mission trip. We were up at 7am and at the course before 8am and on the tee at 9am. It was a Superball format which means everyone hits from your or your teammates’ best last shot. Will brought on some friends of his for our team from the Bunn High School golf team and they had MAD game! I just had fun as a spectator watching those skinny 17 year olds hit the ball straight as an arrow 300-350 yards. It was really unbelievable how far they could hit it. I held my own usually, keeping it in the fairway and only about 75-100 yards back. Jeez! They were glad to have me though when I sunk those 2 long putts for EAGLE on our first 2 par 5’s. Will helped out too with a couple of insane long drives of his own and a long birdie putt on 15 that we really needed. Highlights of our round included the one kid, Nick knocking it in the hole from about 60 yards out for another EAGLE and the time when he threw his dime as a ballmark to Chase the other kid across the green and it somehow flying into Chase’s POCKET! Kooky! We had a blast and the weather held up until we completed our round, but sadly we finished out of the money at third with a score of 61 for the 72 par course.
After that I make it home just in time to watch the second half of the Carolina last second win over VaTech, hardly restful as my team was behind most of the game. Soundcheck was at 4pm so I had to bust ass to get there by 4:30p. But the check went quickly and I had to turn right around and drive the 35 minutes back to Bunn before the storms hit.
My lovely wife cooked dinner while I got a LITTLE rest and then we were back on the road to Raleigh ($10 round trip for gas at current prices) at about 8:40p.
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Terry Adams (The News and Observer dubbed it the Battle of the rockin’ Terry’s) was in town with his new combo and being the Q fans that we are we HAD to catch a little of that just to see what it was all about. He started at 9:30 and I think we missed the first couple of numbers but we were NOT disappointed with the what we did see. That band of his had it all, from the Tommy look alike-play alike drummer and the sweet playing and singing bass player to the Big Al in high school sounding guitar player. That dude had obviously done serious homework at the school of Big Al, both on guitar and vocally. We closed our eyes and conjured up moments of the good ‘ol days.
They made it really easy to do.
So back at MY gig at the Pour House, Monty Warren and The T’s were laying down the Rock and Roll law. It was Jack’s birthday and what better present for him than to have than his rig to not be working as we kicked the night off into “Battleship Chains”. Big Daddy and I worked it out on stage somehow while soundman extraordinaire Jac Cain brought up a new cord. Once the Team’s low end was restored we put the pedal to the metal busting through mostly flawless versions of my personal Top 40, giving the audience hardly anytime at all to catch their collective breath. Before you knew it, we had finished another great show and it was 2am. Just a mere 19 hours from when I woke up. But Ohhhhh! what fun it was!
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Thanks Carina for the pix!!


Anonymous said...

So glad you guys had a great show. Sorry we missed it. Happy Birthday Jack! Mike & Mabel

Mike Elliott said...

My ass has officially been kicked! Y'all got the Gold after that show. Ok, 'nuff with the cheese...just wanted to thank y'all for a great night - and I 'preciate the props, too before "$100 A Week"! Catch y'all again soon!!

Anonymous said...

The pour house should have a band called the airbourne playing soon. Checked them out, they rock and rolled bristol (UK) last month. Good honest bar rock!
cheers Geoff

roger said...

if i hadn't been out of town i would TOTALLY have been there. sad to say i've not yet borne witness to jack taking flight. happy birthday, jack.