Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Jimmy Crack Corn?

It was a stupid busy past four days in Nashville. I left on Saturday and tried to get through the mountains before the snow came. No prob, but it was still pretty nasty until I got to Knoxville.
At dusk the sky was as red as I've ever seen it. Finally got to Dan's about 8pm Central. When there, I really enjoyed looking through the pictures of his family.
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Actually, those pics were the handywork of his lovely wife, Laurie. But they WERE family! She took pictures of their pets and added them to formal attire. Really cool!
After a welcome glass or 3 of wine, we went on down to 3rd and Lindsley where Dan was playing with Stacey Collins. We ran into that damn nut Michael Webb (super talented keyboard player! AND has hogs in his yard!). I swear as he was introducing me to someone he said that I wrote "Jimmy Crack Corn"!
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Stacey and bassist husband, Alan.

Badass Warner Hodges on the left! He and his wife, Deb were over the damn top hosptable and ever so gracious to let me stay with them all weekend. They are so damn cool! Special kudos to Warner's sister Donna who got me to their place when they were held up when some drunk illegals ran into his nephew's car and ran from the scene of the accident after the gig.

Here's a pic of Dan's new writing tool..

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Warner's wall.
We (Warner, Dan and I) wrote all day and on Sunday night I rehearsed with The Dinkies. The practice place was huge! If I'da know we were gonna have to pay so much I would have invited folks over and charged admission! Below, Warner and Dan are hard at work on the next big REO Speedwagon hit, "Running Back into the Storm"!
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After more writing on Monday (which actually was very productive! 4 great songs total for Dan's next record!), Rinky Dinkie (Big Al) took Winky Dinkie (Jim Chapdelane) and I to see the hottest thing in town, The Time Jumpers, where I was inspired to take really bad photographs!
Back in the car this morning to fight 9 hours of rain back home. Weeeeee!
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SHANNON said...

THAT'S what I'm talkin about!

Javi said...

Sounds fun!

Love Dan's new axe. He needs to play that live.