Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy Birthday G-50!


I Love You!
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Fish Camp Barbie said...

Don't you mean "I love you, period..."

Luv ya, too, G-50.

Damn my friends are getting old.

Anonymous said...

No way that brainy beauty is 50!

Luvya, Gracie! Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

To celebrate I have just ordered 2 copies of I'll Drink to That by Mr. Terry Anderson, from the good folks at CD Baby. Happy B-Day Grace!

Ace said...

You'll sell more records if you put her on the cover.

philwo said...

Hi Grace,
Hope you had a very good B-day and your husband has drowned you in presents!!!
Luck, Health & Happiness for your future

joanna lynne said...

TA, she is quite beautiful, and you are damn lucky! Happy Birthday to Grace!

Jeff Hart said...

belated happy birthday grace!