Monday, December 31, 2007

'07 in review: quickie version

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Well, there’s just a few minutes left in 2007 and I can’t really say that I’m gonna miss it.
But man, there’s was some outrageous rock and roll being played on me and my friends behalves this year. Sheesh! I mean, just unreal! First of all, I got invited onto Delbert McClinton’s boat in January and met a bunch o’ great and stupid people on the way down to Puerto Rico and back. Big Al, Jim, Steve and I rocked the boat as much as you can imagine, but for only one show. Hopefully, we’ll get to play more this year on the way to Baja.
In February, The Yayhoos rocked the shit outta Spain for 2 weeks before headin’ to England, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Finland, Sweden and then back to Spain again.
Probably, the most fun I’ve ever had in Europe.
In March, The OakTeam went to Atlanta, Macon and Florida for some Spring Training rock. At Monty’s party is where Big Bad Big Daddy Dave Bartholomew jumped into the pool on the last note of the last song of the night. It was priceless, and a lot more fun than that time when I served up them X-rated popsicles to my Grandma’s quiltin’ buddies.
In June we went to Ashville and ate rock hard veggie hot dogs at the ballpark before playing three sets between a bikini contest. Later that month we went to Cleveland and rocked Cindi and ‘em at the Beachland Ballroom and then had a stupid great gig at Ron’s 10th Anniversary show at Route 33 Rhythm and Blues in Wapakoneta, OH. Back home in just enough time to re-pack, it was off the next weekend to Portugal and Holland with The Yayhoos again. Weekend in Europe! No Sleep! Oh, wait a minute, maybe THIS was the most fun I’ve ever had in Europe!?
Back home the next weekend, The OakTeam played in 100 degree heat, facin’ the sun in Hillsborough on day they called “HawgDay”…and IT rocked like ass!
In August Dan showed up to work on Keef’s record, in September we rocked The Pour House and in October we had a weekend practice at the beach at some ignunt place appropriately called The Dive.
Early November, we killed’m in Chicago, Cleveland and Lexington (where we had friends over from England that danced like I remember how folks do sometimes.)
My dad went into the hospital for open heart surgery and David went into a nursing home. David passed and my dad just barely survived. I was going AND coming, and not know whether to laugh or cry.
December’s highlight was getting my dad back home and celebrating David’s life on our birthday Christmas night at The Pour House. That show really finished the year on an UP note in an UP and DOWN year! I’ve got some great new songs that I’m holding out on ya that I hope to get out by the end of ’08. Hopefully by then Bush will be all packed up and ready to hide out for the rest of his life in Texas. And we will rock even louder!
Have a rockin’ new year y’all!


Bobzilla said...

Terry, I tell ya, it ain't no fun waking up early on New Years Day with nary a trace of alcohol in your system, but here I sit in JamesBrownville, uh, I mean Augusta, GA.

Ya know, just reading your blog brings back memories of all the drunk and stupid fun I had in 2007 going to as many of your shows as I could. I'ma fixing to go find me a bar and pound a bunch of cold Budweisers, then grab a few to go, and come back to my room, crank up your music and get ignunt.

Happy New Year to ya, and I hope to see many more OAKTeam shows in '08!

philwo said...

happy & healthy new year to you and the ones you love.
Hope to see you in Mallorca again in 2008.