Monday, December 31, 2007

The Empire bites back!

Hey! Get off my back! Doesn’t everybody take pictures of themselves in the bathrooms of fancy restaurants?
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Our friends, Monty Warren and the lovely Miss Michelle took Grace and I out to eat Saturday night to an exquisite and most fabulous dinner at Second Empire on Hillsborough (soon to be re-named “Hansbrough”) Street. The service was kooky great. All of our meals were brought out at the same time and “presented” to us like a new baby. Of course the food was out of this world, Grace and I got the Snapper which was blackened perfect on the outside and surrounded by lentils and black currants. And trust me, the key lime pie is to die for and it’s enough of a slice to share, which is plenty. A whole slice would just overpower your senses send you into a coma!
The aforementioned bathrooms were awesome but I couldn’t figger out why my hands weren’t lathering up. I squirted and squirted and and rubbed and rubbed…nothing. They smelled nice though. I went back later and saw that I had been using the mouthwash squirter instead of the soap, Man! Mouthwash?
Now that’s fancy! Thanks once again to Montrelle for a great night of food, fun and friends!


Anonymous said...

Did you really like that place? I found it very stuffy and the butler/maitre de (a 50ish black gentleman) was kind of unfriendly.

Anonymous said...

I see.

So, you can take the Rock Star out of the country, but cain't take the Country out of the Rock Star.......

Anonymous said...

Ova here we are already 1 hour and 25 minutes in to 2008 so HAPPY NEW YEAR TO TERRY AND ALL HIS WONDERFUL FRIENDS AND FANS.
Hell will be risen if we don't get the new stuff from the OAK Team and Mr. Keith before this year is over!
johan / helsinki / finland

Monty Warren said...

Mr.Anonomouse needs to drink more friggin Gamba!! The pleasure was all ours. Happy new year!

joanna lynne said...

so how the hell are you supposed to get the mouthwash in your mouth? turn your head upside down and squirt it in your mouth? i'll have to agree with you that the mouthwash squirter would have confused me a bit. however, you do clean up right nice. jody