Friday, December 07, 2007


I got up with them Twin Tone boys and axed dem the question many of y'all been axin' me..."How can I get that stupid-ass Woods record they put out back in 1986?" This is the reply I got back from Paul (no, not Westerburg, he don't OWN the label, he was just on it)...
"It's Like This" is available both in vinyl and as a custom burned CD from the web site... we will be adding the project to our iTunes listings in January-February 2008

Even though it has a lot of that 80's style (I shutter to mention the word) REVERB (eeeewwwww!)on it, it actually is a pretty good record, some GREAT songs! If I was you, I would purchase both the vinyl AND the custom burn of it.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the UK version on the Demon label. Then you'll have the full set and a couple of different tracks.'s+like+this

Anonymous said...

You are right about the Demon version. That's the one I've got and I think Twin/Tone was crazy leaving off Some other World, Close as You Get, and Come off with Your Lies. Along with Battleship Chains, and Girlfrieds, I think those are the best songs, although it's all great!

T-50 said...

We recorded 16 altogether, it was funny to me how they picked entirely different songs. I think only 8 were the same.

Anonymous said...

I'll be in my storage building sometime this weekend and will look through my DAT's to see if I've got anything LIVE that you might not have. I doubt it, but I'm gonna look anyway.


roscoe said...

Paul from the Suicide Commandos!

Anonymous said...

I tried that the other day but the order wouldn't go through. But now that they have heard from you personally, maybe it will.


Anonymous said...

Some Other World - count me in.

Anonymous said...

Saturday, December 08, 2007
In Memoriam

A grey, blackish, brackish day in London. A day where the clouds begin and the rain ends and there is no sun. A day where death stalks us on the pavement, and where a black pallor hangs like a shroud over London.

There it was, or rather, there you were, a dead bird on the pavement. Shuffled to one side, out of the foot fall of walkers, mothers and children you were tucked against a wall, legs clenched up to your chest, beak finally silent and wings held close.


Did you give up? Was the cold, the grey sky, the lack of food, the predatory cats that roam the streets too much for you? Was the sheer adversity of living the ultimate enemy?

I hope that you, as you lie in complete stillness, untroubled by the flow and eddy of human life around you, dream of warmer blue skies, where you fly free in the whispers of wind. I hope that you are surrounded by a nest of birds, where you and your lover coo to each other in the shimmering leaves of the trees, where warm bark rises to meet you as you swoop and spiral the breeze.

Just to let you know that you are missed, that your death, whilst meaningless, has not been unremarked or unnoticed. You have, even with your death been loved, been mourned and been seen. You are forever marked on this page as something which whilst apparently a small event, is a symbol of the final passing which comes to us all.

Sleep well, sweet blackbird.