Friday, December 07, 2007

$6 haircut

I gotta $6 haircut yesterday and I paid too much. I was tryin’ to spend a little father/son time with Nathan and we decided we’d get spikey haircuts together. Now, he’s got a FULL head of hair being eleven and not yet wounded by the world, all stressed out and shit. His shit looked great, mine…not so much. All MY haircut lady did was complain about her neck and how bad it hurt. Waaaa Waaa Waaa!!! Damn bitch! Loose your best friend and get your dad some open heart surgery all in the same two weeks! OK never mind, you wouldn’t understand. Just like you didn’t understand my explanation of the rock star haircut that I wanted! Ya know, ya can’t even be a rock star anymore. Nobody gets it! You can cry until you’re blue in the face about how good you are, “I swear, I’m really good, would you please have a listen at this buttrockin’, bumpin’, fun and funny tune I wrote!” “Too dumb!?” “OK, check this out I can write smart shit too!?” “Need a song with heart? Listen to this!”
Oh, it’s maddening, but after a while you just give up, you play the songs you love, even put them on in the kitchen, drink wine and dance to them late in the night, and you just hope and pray that what you believe is true, that you DON’T suck and your shit is the best shit that has ever been recorded. Even if it’s not, it is to you!
Then all you got to worry about is your hair!


roscoe said...

I usually ask 'em for the "gracefully aging punk rock haircut"

Peter H. said...

It could be worse. At least you got hair to cut.

Of course, I get ten more minutes in the shower than anyone else, too...

Ace said...


It's not about anything Audio at all. The winners of the Ziddio contest are 3 guys who look very confused about their sexuallity and a Vietnamese girl drummer named "Maya T" . And of course none of them are old enough to buy a 6 pack.

The music don't rock. *(yet they're playing for Led Zepplin at the after the gig party) Seriously, if you're not Metrosexual you won't stand a chance. If you rock like ass, then you're "old school". We're living in a time and culture where shows called "JackAss" get high ratings. Talents (God forgive me) like Jessica Simpson get Multi-Multi year contracts. And real men like Clay Aiken are America's Idols.

Welcome to the Broke Back Music Industry T. It's not your daddy's Eddie Cochrane they're listenin to. Hell, They aint even listening. Fucking Bob Dylan would never stand a chance with his music/package in today's music industry. It's so fucking depressing. Just be glad there are still some people over 50 alive that remember when there weren't any Beatles or a Bob Dylan. The fans at my shows that come up and say "You guys fuckin Rock" are worth more than any of the money the establishment pays. And the occaisional emails I get from fans keep me comin back for more abuse.

PS. I always take a picture of Keef and Ronnie, circa 1973 in wiff me when I get my hair cut. Then I say keep cutting it short on top until it starts to scare you.


Anonymous said...

Alright, I've been reading the above messages and I must agree with Roscoe and Peter. Ace, I am either too intoxicated or not intoxicated enough to follow you.

However, here's the shit: If you're a girl (which you obviously all are not), there is no way in hell you can get a $6 haircut unless you were blessed with awesome locks.

If you should have, say, baby hair, as I do, it takes a fucking stylist, a $50 cut and about $75 worth of products just to make your hair look, oh, about halfway decent for maybe a week.

So, Peter, be glad that you look so great with no hair. Roscoe and Ace, I have no idea and/or don't remember what you look like, but Terry, you have always looked great with whatever crazy-ass pointy-looking shit you have made of your hair, and I just wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

And if you are one of those fuckers who has perfect hair like the beautiful late great David Enloe (refer to Keith's notes on the Knobs' first album), then fuck you. And, damn, David, your hair was always awesome.

Love to all, Jody

Ace said...

"Roscoe and Ace, I have no idea and/or don't remember what you look like,"


You can't follow ME? Great Jumpin Jahozafat ~ There's fucking pictures of Roscoe and Me next to our posts.........LOL.......

Benny The Baby said...

"Then all you got to worry about is your hair!"

I just wanna say thanks for worrying about MY hair the other night when I wouldn't.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm pretty damned gullible, but Ace, is that first photo YOU? I can't really tell, as my eyes are getting damn near 50, and I can't see very well, but when I click on it, I see a different picture.

However, I just looked back, and the two do somewhat resemble each other. So..., I must have missed the photos posted due to alcohol, menopause or poor eyesight. More likely, a combination of the three. Please give me a break. I'm a girl. You all look awesome, have excellent hair, or lack thereof, and I have shitty hair, which costs a fortune. Maybe I need a $6 haircut. Merry Christmas, Happy Harmonica and shit.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, that last one was from me.