Tuesday, November 20, 2007

RR is a BA!

Hanging out here with some REALLY ugly people, afterall the hospital is not the place for the beautiful folks is it? This shit is starting to wear on me and my sister. She’s having a hard time sleeping. My dad IS better but it’s just very slight. At his age, he can’t heal as fast as we’d like him to. I can’t worry. His nurse, Katie is an angel. David was asleep when I saw him but I got some really good feedback as to his goings ons yesterday. But I was just thinking about last night, not about when my starter on my van failed me and I had to have my son drive to Raleigh to get me and not about drinking too much Gamba which is like blood to a vampire, but about just what damn BADASS guitar player Rick Richards is. I mean this cat is worth any and every penny anyone pays him to play. Even between takes, he’s over there just jamming with himself, just singing and playing the coolest shit you ever heard. Monty called him up here to play on his record (which should be available in the Spring. It takes longer than you think to master, manufacture, blah blah blah) and Rick played some badass shit on about 5 songs. We (Jonathan) got this tone from the Gods for him, a Hiwatt amp compressed to shit, that was just unbelievable. And while we were just standing there waiting for Monty to get back from the liquor store, since we couldn’t stand NOT hearing him play, we got him to rock up Keith Christopher’s record (2 songs, “Little Stories” and the as yet untitled badass Humble Pie rip) AND the OakTeam’s new record (one song “Willie Mays”). Many many thanks to Monty for paying his way up and for the experience of getting to work with such a phenomenal player! Who knows, maybe we’ll work on a Rick Richards record next year! BTW…did I mention that Rick Richards is a badass? OMG!


Anonymous said...

Rick is one of my all time heroes on the guitar. Purely amazing. Live, he'll blow me away with his playing then all of a sudden he'll pull out the slide and show he's just as incredible as a slide player.

In as non-gay a way as possible, let me just say, I love Rick Richards.

Tom C

Anonymous said...

Tom, you forgot to mention that Rick's a badass too!

Anonymous said...

OMG! WTF! I can't wait to hear this BADASS Keith Christopher record!
I'm really impressed with RR's playing. Kinda lost track of him; after the GS albums (which are BADASS rocking, all of 'em) I only had this Izzy Stradlin and the Juju Hounds album. On this cd the song 'Shuffle it all' rocked so hard because of Rick!
After that, me and my buddy Roland (hi Roland - I know you'll be reading this) one day back in '98 drove all the way to Switzerland just to see Rick play a Harley Davidson bikerfest. Aah, good times, good times...

Love and all the best for your dad.

Phil said...

Rick is way too under-employed for someone so talented. It doesn't seem like Izzy is busy enough for him, and not much seems to happen with the other Rick - surely someone could use him on a regular basis?