Saturday, November 24, 2007

prayerlist update

After fighting with the nurses all morning again yesterday they put my dad down for a few days. All of his vitals are good and his lungs in the words of the nurse yesterday were a “LOT” better. My sister and I are grasping to any good signs they give us to hang onto, however tiny they may be. As far as David is concerned the news is a little, and maybe a lot worse. When I went to visit this morning he wasn’t there. He had been moved to the same hospital that my dad is in. I haven’t seen him yet but I know he spent some time in the emergency room. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Many are needed.
I DID take some time out yesterday and Thursday to celebrate the holidays a bit. Jack had us all over last night for an incredible Indian feast! OMG! I pigged out! Since our Thanksgiving dinner with my friend Bob Passarelli and his family was meat heavy I was ready for a plate (and a half) of deliciously and spicily enhanced vegetables. It was nothing short of ass kicking, as was Bob’s (chef for the Governor for 12 years) but there was just more for me to eat there.
Hope everyone else had a great Thanksgiving!

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henri said...

TA -
It is with a very sad and heavy heart that as I was talking to one of my cousin, David E's old HS friends - Keith Mashbrun - Keith always keeps me up to date with the goings on of the Grand Metropolis of Robbins,NC - David spent lots of time riding around in a car with Ken Brown, Keith Mashburn, Mark Garner, Len Loy - all of them were inseperable and there were many songs written after downing a case of beer or so from Frank's Drive in-
anyways - David is my 2nd/3rd cousin, my mom and his mom were first cousins. I had the real fortune of moving to Robbins with my family after growing up and at the point of a sophmore in HS from Stuart Fla. - about as far away from Robbins as you will ever get!
David had also moved there from Raleigh with his mom amdn borther Mark,
Anyway - Daivd actually taught me some of my first Stones "riffs" on an old red epiphone he used to have, I used to come and see the Knobs play when you were up in Boone at ASU/PB Scotts, I also played... of all songs "smoke on the water" with David and a pre- Fabulous Knobs band just called the Knobs back in HS his Sr. year and my soph. year.
David was the the best damned guitar player to ever set his handson a Fender Tele or even a strat or even that old red epiphone- Back in the day, I used to play in several bands, used to hang around with Tommy Red, played with the orignal "Right Profile"(ASU - Foster, Wilkinson was my roomy and drummer back then), the Fugitives, I even taught another ASU buddy, Mitch Laney how to hack a Fender Bassman, he later went on to fame and glory with a band called Alice in Thunderland or Thunder of Doom or some stuff like that - I ended up figuring out that if I was to ever get out of Boone I had to put down my beautiful 63 Les Paul, sell my Ibanez Iceman(1980 model) traded my Telecaster for a VW Super Beetle
and later became a rich and famous business man

God Bless all of you, Debra was my first real crush, even though her and David were like a soap opera show, The Wood Peckers were really talented and thus the Woods, then as the days of the band nights at Cat's Cradle, Etc' went out for the horror of the DJ and the "Crap" - Rap stuff genre, so went lots of kids that were and still are in our minds late teens early - mid twenties,now closing in on 50 and even a youngster like myself at 47 will never forget "string of Pearls", "Long Dark Night", "Make it Stick", and even a song written on the way back from a HS bball game with the Robbins Drinking Team - We wrote a song (David took credit for it) "Survey Crew" - It played before a standing HS audience full of rednecks and a hand full of the coolest, best friends that David ever had and one cousin that has always looked up to him as a true legend a real black sheep of the family as far as an idol, but he changed my life and so did all of the Knobs and the Woods music!
My God, what wonderful days those were
Hang in there Enloe!
Sorry I never took the opportunity to tell you how much you gave me in life - and you never even knew it.