Sunday, November 11, 2007

Maker's Mark-a-Roni 'n cheez


OK, so we developed this rock and roll recipe for ya on the road..
It's called Maker's Mark-a-Roni 'n cheez

Step1: Get a cheap ass box of trailer park macaroni and cheese
Step2: Boil macaroni and drain
Step3: Mix in packet of yellow powder
Step4: ...and this is the most important part...
pour only half of the suggested amount of milk into a measuring cup
and fill the other half with Makers Mark brown liquor, pour in and mix
Step5: Stir in half a stick of REAL butter
Step6: serve up to your drunk-ass friends!
preferably with some Cheez-it crackers!

(Uhhh...y'all do know that if you eat dis you will vomick, right?)
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FCB said...

Das a dam waist of gud likker.