Tuesday, November 13, 2007

hospital day

Well last week I was going to bed at 4am and now this week I’m getting up at that time. Trumpets blared from my cell phone alarm clock sending my wife and I several feet in the air this morning so that I could get my Dad to the hospital for double valve surgery. The staff here have been very nice and reassuring. My dad was in good spirits going in, joking with the nurses and telling me not to “be eating with my teeth” when he took’m out. No problem Dad. So here I sit in the waiting room with tons of hope and faith that he’ll come through this thing with flying colors…but with not a lot of hope for my brother, David. I hung out with him some yesterday. I was there for an hour before a nurse showed up. He was really thirsty so I kept having to give him more orange soda and it made me wonder how parched he would have been had I not been there. His nurse was saying that people in his condition usually last about two weeks. I finally let it get to me last night. You can only keep the pain in for so long. He’s the one person you can blame for me pushing myself to be a better songwriter and musician, just trying to keep up with and impress him. We were a really good team. We had years of fun together, whether it was a spontaneous trip to NYC (on the phone, “hold that plane!”) or just standing on the same corner of the high school hallway together for an entire year. His insight was priceless and awe inspiring. I hate that the world outside of Raleigh wasn’t privy to his wit. There I go talking in the past tense, I gotta quit doing that…for now.


Anonymous said...

All the best to your dad and to David. I'm pulling for both.

Tom C

Jeff Hart said...

thinking about your dad and david today. thanks for keeping us in touch. david is my original guitar hero, always. jh

David said...

Have always been in awe of David's talent- for guitar, and dry wit. Thinking of him and your dad, Terry.

-David J.

Anonymous said...

been thinking about you & hoping for the best for your dad and your friend David. peaches/beth

Phil said...

Hi Terry

Lindy and I just wanted to say thanks for being so welcoming on Friday night. Dave, Grady and Jack are a great bunch of guys, and (as you could tell!) we had a great time.

We're also sorry that you're sad for your friend right now, and yet glad that the prognosis for your Dad is good.

We were talking about UK/Europe touring possibilities. I think the Yayhoos came via The Bob Paterson Agency and the promoter that uses St Bonaventures in Bristol is CRH Music. Here's hoping that is useful to you. Maybe Dan could tell you who handles his European tours? Is it still Jerkin' Crocus?

Phil & Lindy