Tuesday, November 13, 2007

it's all good...today

Sorry for having such morose blogs lately, but as my mom used to say “this too shall pass”. Luckily, this blog is all good. My dad, thus far is showing all signs of making a remarkable recovery from his heart valve surgery. There was a real possibility of a double valve getdown but the doctor (I’ll get to him later) repaired one of the valves and replaced another. All of his vitals are stable and he’s gonna be fine…no doubt. My dad is a BAAAA…DD Shut your mouth!..but I’m talkin’ ‘bout JC…well he can dig it!...uh, right on!
Those doctors that get in there and do that kinda work have the most respect from me that I can give. Dr. “Robo” (it’s short for an 8 hundred and 42 letter Polish name) is in his 40’s and has done about 200 of these operations a year for the past 9 years. He’ll definitely be able to afford today’s gas prices...whatever they are! He was an amazingly brilliant guy and obviously skilled with the hands of God.
David was being visited this morning by fellow Knob, Keith Taylor. He (Keith) was also doing God’s work. He’s quit playing with Billy Jo Royal (“Down in the Boondocks”, and one of the sweetest voices, even at his age, since Roy Orbison) and gone to nursing school. He helped to check David for bedsores, and to do all that stuff for him that would have made us wonder about their relationship years ago. He was really a big help. My Email APB to all of David’s friends seems to have struck a nerve and there were lots of visitors over there today. I hope it stays that way. David looked the best I’d seen him this morning, really lucid and speaking somewhat clearly about the good old days, even reminding us of a few things. I took Will’s pastor over with me and David was cussing like a sailor but receptive to the pastor’s prayers. “I’m gonna come back and see you”, Pastor Joe said. “I wish you would” replied David. His wife is coming down from Minneapolis on Thursday and he’s really looking forward to seeing her.

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Anonymous said...

I definitely want Keith Taylor in my court if I ever get sick. He's a geniune friend. Thanks for all the updates you provide to us...