Thursday, September 06, 2007

no ugly words

Yippee! The OakTeam FINALLY has another gig to look forward to. It's tomorrow night in downtown Raleigh behind where Greenshield's used to be before it burnt down. (That's OK, the food sucked and the beer won't much better. Plus, the old lady at the cash register was a bitch!) The event is formally known as First Friday in City Market...or something like that. To the best of my knowledge, (being the last to know and all) we'll play everything we know. Starting somewhere around 7pm and going into the wee wee hours (about 10pm). In order to make this a more memorable gig than all the rest (if that's possible) I'm promising myself not to say ANY ugly words. And just to keep anything ugly outta my mouth, I won't even mention any ugly people like Ohhh...Whoopie Goldberg, George Bush or even Keith Richards. I've decided that much like pot leads to heroin, ugly words can lead to even worse behavior, you know, like smoking, parking in a handicap space, drinking the last swallow of wine in the bottle without asking, taking a wide stance in an airport bathroom..shit like that.
So to be a better role model for the kids (since the gig IS outside!) I'm gonna keep it clean. I promise to try my fuckin' damndest!...I mean...darndest! See y'all down there!


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rcbigeasy said...

P was just more than the "Fat Guy on lead Vox". He rocked it backstage and you KNOW he did.

I'm on the road again next week to Chicago. It's a direct flight from Nashville to O'hare....but I've been practicing my stance nonetheless. I'm using a 12" rope tied around both ankles as a guide...not unlike those putting practice tools you see advertiesed on the Golf Channel. I will NOT be picking up shit off the floor either...should I need to use an airport bathroom.