Tuesday, September 11, 2007

lessons in turning left

Some of the stupidest people on Earth are behind the wheel of a car. Scary thought, huh?
Everybody hates the “left lane buddy”. That dude that drives in the left lane exclusively and basically shuts down the passing lane. Thus, slowing the flow of traffic down to their own inept speed. That guy is pretty bad. But another DUMBASS that I have to vent about is the guy who is in front of you, turning left in an intersection at the same time that the car facing him is turning left. Invariably, these knuckleheads are waiting, pointing and mouthing “you go”, “no, you go”, “no, you go”. Meanwhile, the light is turning yellow.
Let me explain something folks, unless you are a REALLY bad driver and are scared of hitting your opponent head on (“apply directly to the forhead”..sorry)
YOU BOTH GO!!!! It’s really really simple, just turn left like you normally would, avoiding each other and get on your dumbass merry fuckin’ way to damn Wal-Mart or Biscuitville or wherever! And let the rest of us!
Last night I got behind one of these standoffs and one of the guys literally gave up and went straight and then took a U-turn 50 feet up the road and then turned right. GOD!
People are so damn stupid!


Anonymous said...

NC has the absolute worse drivers in the world. Even worse than Korea.It ain't just the yankees either....the NCDOT gives licenses to any ignunt MF w/$25. Turn signals, people, are there for a friggin reason. Use them! You are still the bomb, T.

Keith in Charlotte

Ace said...

My pet peeve is that muthaf#cka at a 4 way stop who thinks it's a red light, then follows the guy in front of him cuz he's too fuckn stupid to know he has to stop. Then the lil pos sumbitch acts like he's sneekin across the intersection with that fn cell phone stuck to his head.


Ed said...

methinks no more no bad word gigs for TA... put you over the edge. if your soul could've had its usual fill of screaming get your ass off the road, you prolly woulda just laughed and waved at these fine folks.

rcbigeasy said...

Sorry...I gotta go with Ed. If pent up profanity leads to flaring up like a pack of hemorrhoids you're going to have to get one of those pressure release valves installed in your head. Get the kind with the built in whistle..you'll sound like a teapot. I've always said your performances were "spirited"! Honestly, if I'm listening to the OAK team in the car, it usually takes quite a bit to get me mad.