Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saturday Keith update

Well things are going swimmingly over here at the 411Pod working on Keith’s record. Dan came to town and we nailed a couple cool grooves down last night. We went out and had a few at the Hideaway BBQ where The Bottle Rockets were playing and the alcohol prices have gone way up ($6.50 for a thimble of Jager?). But I survived the late night and really tired drive home and got up to go see Will’s band do an early afternoon show. They were great! Then, it was (and still is!) such a beautiful day that I put the top down on the Beemer and drove into town, Howling Wolf’s “300 Pounds of Joy” blasting. 3 pm downbeat and everyone was on time and ready to rock. Keith, Dan and I laid down a track of Ringo’s “Photograph” that rocked like ass! At this time I’m listening to Keith throw some slide on there and heads in the studio playback area are bobbing to and (all the way to..) fro. More updates later..


Anonymous said...

This is gonna be a goodun!

TA said...

..better than anyone can imagine!

philwo said...

2 good 2 b true !!!