Thursday, August 16, 2007

ASCAP Tops 300,000 Members!

From Irving Berlin to Beyoncé, George Gershwin to Green Day, Henry Mancini to Joan Sebastian, Duke Ellington to Hans Zimmer, ASCAP, the first and leading performing rights organization, has long been driven by the talent and vision of its music creator members. On August 13th, we announced a new milestone: the number of songwriters, composers and music publishers to join the Society has now surpassed 300,000. As our membership numbers increase, you, the music creator, gain rising influence in the future of the music industry. This year alone, close to 40,000 members have been elected, and the value of the member-run organization shows in ASCAP's continued growth and popularity. As the music industry evolves, ASCAP's model of diversity continues to prove its strength, and we are glad to be sharing this achievement with you.

..and who's the baddest Mutha of them all!!!!!!! Yep! you got it! ME!


Ace said...

lol, I'm with BMI (doesn't that stand for "Bad Muthas Inc"?

Tom Meltzer said...

Only 'cause all us cool kids is with BMI.