Wednesday, August 29, 2007


No, not that 90 minutes of nuthin’ to nuthin’ football!! I’m talkin’ about that U.S American (Thanks Miss Teen South Carolina!) Football! Baby!
Ehhh! Who gives a shit! I mean I do but not as much as everyone else. And not just because all of MY teams SUCK on a stick dot com! But because…well….HELL! I don’t know why! Damnit! I just like (college) basketball, baseball and golf better. That’s all. I understand why the ladies like it. I’m sure it’s just package inspection after package inspection after package inspection after package inspection after package inspection after package inspection after..OK, you get the idea. But that don’t do a lot fer me. (Although I caught myself really liking Perry Ferrell’s band, what are they called.. Satellite Radio? on Sirius’ gay …NOT THAT THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT! NOT THAT THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT! Channel)
Hold on, the phone’s ringing…………………It’s Big Al, better get it…..(30 minutes later….) OK, where was I? …
Football? What the Hell!? Who picked that stupid ass topic? Anyhoo…
Big Al was tellin’ me about how he was gonna come to NC and that we were gonna make a Dinkies record. The Dinkies is such an awesome name for a band. I think me and Al could make some amazing record together.
Shit! Wasn’t I supposed to be talking about Football? Well, honestly I do love football. But not because I like the game but because it signifies the beginning of Fall. Do you realize this has been the hottest month EVER in North Carolina. And I’m talking about with NO rain! It’s bad, believe you me! I shit you not! So, a serious cool-down is definitely in order. But Fall is my favorite. I know shit is dying off but I always feel reborn during this time of year.
I love too, how I get to do all that manly shit, gathering the fuckin’ wood and keeping the Norwegian woodstove stoked (That son of a bitch will run you outta the house!! A few years ago when the power went out the kids were cryin’ “Can’t you turn it down!” I looked at the thermostat and it said “86”)
I guess the best thing about cold weather is that I get to wear more clothes..which will cover up all this FAT!! Jesus, Mary and Ralph! Time to get the fat clothes back out!
Football? when?


Anonymous said...

Hey, the Mighty Andersons together on record. I'd love to get me some of that Dinkie stuff. When can we have it, pleeeeeezzzzze?

Ed said...

yes, the might andersons... al, terry, arn and ole. now that is premier.

Anonymous said...

I kinda prefer the old handle of

"Big T and Little A"

Git Em, TA


Anonymous said...

The 4 Horsemen!!!