Monday, June 04, 2007

sorry, Dad!


Having kids is such a joy. I went from celebrated rock star to cleaning up puke in about 24 hours. Here's how this morning went down; I felt a little old and crabby when I got up to make sure Nathan got on the bus in time. At 7am I asked the future underwear model what time he was planning on putting his clothes on. He said "7 oh 5". OK, so I go to back to lay down for 5 measly minutes when I hear a retching sound coming from the dining room. Sure enough he's spraying Cocoa Pebbles and chocolate milk all over the hall floor. About that time the bus pulls up, "Sorry Dad, I love you!" and he runs out, hops on the bus and leaves me with the goods. Humbling.
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extrastorchy said...

That's what dogs are for.

Ace said...


Love that handsome thing with all your might. Some day he's gonna be drankin and cussin and to big to kiss. Just make sure he listens to lots of Dave Edmunds in his formidable years.