Sunday, June 03, 2007

Holiday Inn!!!


The damn OakTeam finally gots the opportunity to rocks them some Holiday Inn!! That's it! The Topper-most of the Popper-most! We've hit it bigtime now! Don't talk to me. I'm here to tell ya that we were once again awesomer (that's a word, dammnit!)than hell! Even as a 3 piece we kicked 'er how many asses was out there at The Hangar (pronounced HANG-GAR by us)! We did three 45 minute sets (so that they could have the Hawaiian Tropic bikini competition between our sets. You DON'T wanna hear about just how damn ugly them girls ya?) of original material and Dude said that Saturday night is usually sucky but we brought in the crowd and kept'm there. Granted, there were many (at least 10) of our own personal friends that showed up and it's 3 and a half hours from Raleigh). The dance floor (shown here) stayed occupied most of the night, sometimes full. Miss Suzy put us up for the night in her nearby mansion. Many many thanks to her. I met her on the Blues Cruise and she sometimes bartends at this incredible place.
The highlight of the day for me though was seeing this total moonshot homerun blast at the Asheville Tourists game before the show. Dude hit it OVER the lights in dead center field. It's prolly still rolling down the other side of the mountain as I write this. He smoked that sucka!
Busy Saturday fo sho'!
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OK, see the lights that are on? Dude hit it OVER the trees behind it! It was OMG!unbelieveable!

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