Thursday, June 28, 2007


Anything worth doing is worth OVER doing right? Well, the OakTeam had a rare practice this past Monday night and in the process we spent WAAAAY too much time learning “Easy”. Yeah, THAT “Easy”, “easy like Sunday morning” Easy. What a hoot! We’re gonna HAVE to record it at some point and maybe put it up on our MySpace page. Dave loves that solo and can’t wait to play it and he especially loves that little “ewww..” right before it. I love the bridge and I sing it like this.."I'm fiddin' to get high.." It’s really a perfect encore song. And especially if it’s a late Saturday night gig, (you know, since it would be Sunday morning at that point) LOOK the hell out!

We’re off to the O.H. There’s a nasty rumor floating around that Dan will be in Wapak. No word at this writing if eVANgeline is gonna make it or not. Full report next week.


Monty Warren said...

That is totally awesome!!!And I've got an entire Al Jarreau project that I've been meaning to talk to you about!!

philwo said...

Freaky!! What's comin' up next?? A Fleetwood Mac Song ??