Tuesday, June 26, 2007

bad rear end

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Got the bad news last night, Dave's van, “eVANgeline” is in the shop. We have this trip to the OH coming up and there’s a chance that it may not be ready to roll by the time we leave on Thursday. Dave’s already called the rental joint and gotten their best price for the 4 days but still it would almost be disastrous if we couldn’t take her with us. I mean, she's PART of the band! And there’s stuff in there (the shop is way out in Apex) that we need to feel at home on the road. Let’s see, there’s the wiffle balls and bats, the real baseballs and gloves, the “Rock and Roll Cool Van” (loaded with tons of sampled metal guitar licks!) that sits on the dash, there’s the stuffed black panther that sits in the back door, the hotel room key tray that goes around the roof that we stick our room keys in, Dave’s cigarette lighter that pulls down from the driver side visor, and last but not least the service bell (covered by the dipping dots Mudcats mini batting helmet) that can only be rung if someone utters a word or phrase in the van that has never on this Earth been uttered (save your cow jokes!) before. These are things we NEED people!
We’ve all got our fingers crossed that Dave’s brother-in-law can get that new rear end in time. Y’all say a prayer for eVANgeline.

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