Thursday, May 03, 2007

morning thoughts

After much debate and screaming across the aisles, not to mention thousands of tax dollars, the North Carolina General Assembly finally decided that the official state amphibian is the...da duh duh da!!!...Bullfrog! Congradulations to the bullfrog species and those who voted for them. What's next on the agenda? The state cloud? My vote is the big puffy ones! Get to work on something real, bitch!
The queeniest Queen of them all, Queen Elizabeth is set to arrive in the States today. "Come on Queenie, less shake it!" She's gonna go to the Queen-tucky Derby after a few days of photo ops and I'm sure showing up on Oprah or something. They sure don't get no queenier than her. She rolls with a whole plane load of clothes and bunch of them queenie lookin' hats. She also has a bunch of them robes that she drags on the ground behind her. "Go, go, go Little Queenie!"
Now let me go see where the shit Matt Lauer is this morning. Oooh! I can't wait to find out!


Monty Warren said...

Du-fuckin-bye!! Lessee-indoor snow skiin,Desert Range Rover bumber car crashin,personal islands in waterized guard gated communities....and what's the price per gallon in your neck o'the woods this mornin?Thankya Dubbya!...and fuck u very much GE/NBC, who must have gotten a pretty penny(or some unholy business deal) from the Dubian 'Chamber of Commerce' for runnin a 2 hour international tourism commercial....."Meanwhile,'Ahm still thinkin..."(Hope to see ya this weekend!Margaritas await!)

Ace said...

We gots lots of queens in San Franciso. And I did infact see the Queen and President Reagan on the streets of SF one day.


look after her this will be last time shes over to see ya before shes gone. Saw her once at wembley with inxs and quo supporting, i had a bad seat at the back but it looked as though she was sporting a mustache!! The PA was shit as well. Wouldn't pay to see her again!!

Ace said...

Speaking of queen, I saw Freddie "Farooq' and the boys lots of times back in the day.


You say black
I say white
You say dog
I say bite

I say "Hey Fat bottom girls are the Oakteams biggest FANS.........yaeh.