Thursday, May 03, 2007


Y'all heard of Click and Clack, the car guys? Well, for the benefit of those of you in Japan and India, they have a radio show here in the Damn US of A that is all about cars. Cars, cars, cars, what's your name what's wrong with your car? It's that kind of show. But the guys are pretty funny, and every week they are playing new music about what?..duuuuh! CARS! So what would be the perfect song from our last record? Why "Purple GTO" of course! And they'll be playing it THIS weekend so listen up, it'll be at the end of the first segment, roughly 20 minutes into the show. Here's the link:
Thanks to Joan Hathaway at WMBR in Cambridge, Mass. for calling it to their attention!
Also, speaking of radio play, WKNC radio over there at the state college sure has been playing the shit out of "Raindrops" lately. Does that mean that the next time we play in Raleigh peoples is gonna be yelling out fer it? I doubt it, but it sure is cool that more folks are hearing it these days.


Anonymous said...

Just heard it, COOL!!!!!!

Creener said...

I LOVE Car Talk; hate I missed it.

TA said...

It SOUNDED great!

jcholcomb said...

The cool thing about that song is that my cousin owned a purple metal flake GTO with Crager S/S mags and a Hurst 4-speed, just like the song. Dumbass traded it for a GTO "Judge", with was orange and cool but not as "Elvis" as the purple car!

Ever been to the Elvis car museum in Memphis and seen the purple metal flake T-Bird someone found out in a field and restored? Too cool!