Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Country "Music" fiasco..

We are certainly missing an opportunity here in the States. With all of the resources we have to keep criminals out of jail, we are just wasting it on the public at large. We are feeding tonight's 42nd Annual Association of Country “Music” Awards to TV land when we should send it straight to the prisons! THAT would straighten their ASSES out! Two or three hours of Reba hosting this horrid redneck exploitation Junior High School play would stick a hot prod right up their asses towards getting right with Jesus! I mean...I tune in, and there’s Rascal Flatts (who I have renamed: Vocals: Flatt) all over the map trying to find a freakin’ note, “JEEEZ! Just pick one!” The chromatic scale phoned in and cried “Uncle!” during their performance! Those guys suck beyond the suckinest thing in Suckytown! And then a couple of nobodies get up there and try to make you remember them and I did…for suckin’. Here’s comes Brad Paisley, cool..he’s really great on guitar..not tonight! For Best Single, Solo Vocal..George Strait “Give it Away”. If anybody ever offers you this record take it..and give it away. Oh! I am so pissed at myself for not taking notes on Brooks and Dunn and all of the other really bad things that happened on this show. But I DID see one of the worst moments in live “music” history when Reba and Kelly Clarkston sang “together”. It was Kelly’s hit that nobody gave a flying rat’s ass about because it sucked as a rock song and it sucks even worse as a country song. It’s called “Because of You” and it was because of them that I turned the damn channel. But not before I got snagged into watching(mouth agape)Faith Hill sing a song that had "just been written 72 hours ago!" Sounded like it. I couldn't tell you a damn thing about it and I just heard it 30 minutes ago. It's about HOOK! Bitch! That's why they call it a HOOOOOK!@!!)(*&^%$#$&^&^**(!
Maybe instead of putting golf on Sunday afternoons, they should think about putting this shit on so folks can doze off on their couches. I’d be for it.
PS- Toby Keith sucks too!

Love you!


Anonymous said...

Yeah..Nobody writes real country songs anymore! Songs like "Bend Over & Take It Like A Man" by Canya Fucker, I mean, Tanya Tucker...

To quote Carlene Carter, "I'm just here to put the c*nt back in country music...."

I never talk like this....I'm a good girl, damnit!

philwo said...

Hail to Hank Williams Senior, Gram Parsons, Hank III, Steve Earle, Chris Knight, Billy Joe Shaver, Jerry Lee Lewis & all the other true Country Rock & Rollers !!!!

Monty Warren said...

Is it me or does it seem like the bad guys these days seem to always win? Maybe that's the theme that's been running through these entries and why "We're mad as Hell and we're not gonna(or don't wanna)take it any more." T-Fid-you on fire,bro. Long may you burn!

roscoe said...

yeah and Shania had clothes on.... WHat Is UP With THAT????

Ace said...

Reba? I thought that was John Leguizamomomo in drag.

Damn, I like George Strait. He shoulda stayed on tour with AJ and Jimmy Buffett.

venzkejm said...

Corporate country's like corporate rock; they sell their a@# to make it. These award shows are just a bunch of sell-outs patting themselves on the back.

That said, I do agree: Shania had too damned much clothes on! And philwo has great taste in music!