Thursday, May 10, 2007

clash of cultures

Man, some strange crap has been going on up and down my street in Bunn, NC USA. Every afternoon about dusk, these kids..girls..adolecent age, start driving up and down my street in a golf cart. Now, thass cool, I gots no prollem wif it but there’s this other thing I ain’t told you about. While I was in Florida, down at Monty’s crib, some dudes moved in next door to me. The guy that owns this place has been tryin’ to lease it out to the State as a “home for boys”. Well, he succeded, and these guys are trouble. They’ve already tried to hotwire my favorite neighbor ever’s little truck what they was about to drive to New Jersey. They admitted it! the blue ribbon award winning Bunn Police! But yet, they are given a pass and there are still 8 workers on State payroll coming in and out of that house every day to look over these 4 cads. Chick has already said he's gonna git'm outta there if he had to buy the place! "I've been here since 1960 and I ain't never had any trouble until now!"
OK, so invariably the golf cart girls and the “dudes who’s next stop is prison” run into each other and start barking. It’s just a bizarre on-going soap opera that has me, as I sit here drinking wine, wondering if trouble is brewing. What a clash of cultures!


Anonymous said...

sounds like there might be a song in there somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Just wait till them boys hotwire the golf carts and drive 'm to New Jersey - wif the gals still in em.