Thursday, January 25, 2007

testing testing...

this is not a real blog. I'm just showing my wife how to post an entry when I send it from across the pond next week. So ignore this..OK?


Anonymous said...

Man I know this is a test but I gotta tell ya about the show last night with Trent Summar, ROCKN!!!, it a shame Dan could'nt make it Looks like there playing the BBQ Hideaway in Raliegh (I heard you mention) tonight. have fun in Europe. Tell everyone to cacth this show!!!!

Anonymous said...

having read and enjoyed your recent blog posts about the boat cruise, I realized you know 'Big Al' Anderson in person. He's got his new album Pawn Shop Guitars up for sale on his website, but unfortunately, the online order form does not accept my European adress. So I filled in the adress of an American friend, but still ran into trouble. Last time around, when After Hours came out, I experienced the same problem, so I sent a letter to this adress, asking for the price of shipping to Europe, and they kindly sent me a free copy of the album, to apologize for the hassle:

Al Anderson Music,
33 Music Square West, Suite 104B, Nashville TN 37203

Do you know an email adress of his office, so I can contact them to check back on my order status? I don't want Al to not get what he rightfully deserves another time around.

Thank you very much for your help
Timo (zmbh (at) gmx (dot) de)

TA said...

Yo Timo,
I don't have an Email address for Al, just a cell phone #, you want that? Nah, better not, the only thing that I know to do is go to and hit "contact". Thass the best I can do, sorry. See ya soon!


TA said...

..and to Dan in VA Beach, I seen that Trent sumbitch play at that disasterous Mucklewain Festival, and they DID rock! I didn't go last night cause I couldn't put one foot in front of the other after going up and down a 24ft. ladder all week but I'm sure it kicked ass!

Tom Meltzer said...

Consider it ignored!