Thursday, January 25, 2007

Good Morning Amerka!

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Sales of The OakTeam CD have skyrocketed the point that we're out of'm! We're in the process of correcting that problem so please be patient. There were a couple of really great reviews that came out nationally by writers that I guess people really trusted. So, it's all good. This by far my best selling record and I have to admit being a bit unprepared for all the hoopla.
Sales should take another jump in May when we appear live on Robbie Fulks' satellite radio show in Chicago. Looking waaay forward to that! That sumbitch is a NUT!


Anonymous said...

will you bring the some new OakTeam-live-CDs to the Yayhoos-Gigs in Europe?
Please keep one copy for me; I will pick it up at your gig in Winterbach/Germany! ;-)
See ya! Arthur

Anonymous said...


Chicago!?! Sweet. I hope you guys'll do a full gig up here when you come hang with Robbie Fulks.

Tom in Chicago

Anonymous said...

Well it's just a damn good album, there you go!
Good news, man.

Tom Meltzer said...

Robbie Fulks, now there's a fella to look up to!