Monday, December 11, 2006


I think we can all agree that the greatest performer of the last 50 years was Elvis Presley. Elvis lived by the mantra..TCB or Taking Care of Business. I gotta say that ever since I've adopted it as my own my life has improved by leaps and bounds. I learned to stop drinking while I'm performing and it immediately made the difference between crappy gigs of me forgetting lyrics and great gigs with me being alert and spot on from song to song...TCB. And, just like last night, I was getting too drunk on wine so I switched over to tequila to sober up a bit...TCB. In every phase of my life it has made the difference for the better and has catapolted me into the superstar I am today. I just hope that I don't croak like 'ol E, while he know...
taking care of business. Thanks Elvis!

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Jay said...

I apply KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) myself. You know, adding one gin-tonic between each three cups of rioja. And of course never drink in even numbers. It's that simple ;-)