Saturday, September 16, 2006

world party

"Hell naw! I ain't going! I'm beat! I worked my ass off this week and I just wanna stay home, drink Spanish wine and pass out!" I sure am glad I changed my tune on that! Took a nap and about 9:30 tonight we woke up just in time to go to Raleigh and see World Party. I had seen'm before, prolly 10 years ago. Jellyfish opened that show so anything that happened after that was downhill, even as great as Karl Wallinger's songs are. That Jellyfish show was the most mind blowing thing I may have ever seen. Their vocals that night would have made The Beach Boys jealous.
But it was all about Karl tonight. He was badass. Recovering from a brain annurism (he had to reteach himself how to even WALK!) and you would'a never known it. Get this, and this is the most mind blowing thing I've seen in a while, dude plays left handed, right? OK, so I get closer and the damn thing is a RIGHT handed guitar, high strings on top! Well, that messed me up and I was walkin' around to everybody going "look at that! he's playing solos upside down!" Then someone from one of the opening bands said, "Yeah, and he's naturally RIGHT handed!" "HUH!" Thass messed up! He's just showing off now! So he's upside down AND turned around for no reason at all? Thass crazthy!
The drummer was good, hell he used to play with Paul (yeah, THAT Paul!). He had no bottom heads on the toms. These are known in the "biz" as CONCERT toms. Uhhh..OK dude, thanks for bringin' them back! The bass player was un-noticeable, the sign of a great bass player, really tasteful. The fiddle dude was good and sang great. He was Karl's only other backup singer of note (pun intended). The keyboard girl I'm sorry to say was useless. They played all those great songs and the mix out front sounded like the records, despite some early feedback problems.
Worth gettin' outta bed for, that's for damn sure!

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