Sunday, September 24, 2006

sucky sports year

Man! Things have been rough for the Americans lately, especially in sports! The Ryder Cup just caps off a string of disappointments that includes getting’ our butts kicked by Greece in the World Games of Basketball, Argentina in basketball in the Olympics and Puerto Pico in the pre-season World Baseball Games (or whatever it’s called). I’m not gonna mention our soccer play in the World Cup cuz that doesn’t really count.
And it doesn’t stop there for me. The Braves had their string of division championships snapped. The Redskins suck! And the Tarheels just got their teeth handed to them by a team from SOUTH Carolina yesterday losing 52 to 7!
Luckily, I live in Bunn, North Carolina where the high school team is undefeated in 5 tries. Well, it’s SOMETHING to hang on to!


Anonymous said...

And the Russians beat the US in the Davis Cup (that's tennis) semi-finals today!

TA said...

damn it!!