Saturday, September 23, 2006

show goes on

OK, I think I got the bugs and kinks figgered out in my hard disc recorder and I am now able to start with the demo thing. Now, if I could just find the power supply to my drum machine! Well, I'll just have to beat on the table or sumpthin'..anyhoo, speaking of shows...what's this I hear about a Nov. 9 Yayhoos date with The Bottle Rockets @ Mercury Lounge? More on that and other dates as I receive word.
Other shows just around the corner, OakTeam dates @ The Pour House w/ the rest of the Sparklefest crowd next Friday, the 29th. Our slot is around 11:15pm or so. More on Sparklefest at
Also, the big OakTeam in Ohio weekend begins the following Friday, the 6th, w/ our friends Watershed in Columbus and then the next night (the 7th, oddly enuff!) is our triumphant return to Wapakoneta and the great folks down at Rhythm and Brews. Too much fun!!

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