Thursday, September 14, 2006

back in my groove

Well, the touring is done for a while and I'm finally getting reacclimated to non-rock and roll hours. I'm back to doing the stuff I HAVE to do as opposed the the stuff I WANT to do. But still there's music crap that I have to fit into my day. There's sending CD's to be reviewed, writing all the lyrics to the whole Yayhoos record down for a Blender review that was going to print last night (pretty much unable to do that..but I DID do 2 of'm for the guy..that was good, right?), figgerin' out what songs to finish for the next record (and believe me there are some stupid ones to sort through..just figger for every good song I have there's about 10 shitty other ones..that you'll NEVER hear!), figgerin' out how we're gonna record the next record (right now I'm leaning towards learning all the songs real good and inviting friends over to party while we play the whole record, anyone interested in coming?) and turning down Tuesday night gig offers (that's just dumb..nobody goes out on a Tuesday night...especially in Raleigh!). Other than that I'm back to my usual crap of workin', parentin' and drankin' ...and Oh!, watchin' sexual predators gettin' busted by Dateline NBC, usually rabiis and preachers. Man! I'm glad I don't go to church. See what it does to you?!

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Coach McCarthy said...

I'll put my two cents in and help you decide!!! Although, I remember reading that you said that if you were to do it over again you would not include One Good Heart on What Else... I have to respectfully disagree. Dats a One Good song!