Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Damn it! These are the kind of days that painters dread. 110 degree heat index! Are you kiddin' me? It was 82 degrees when I left for work this morning at 8:30am! But I did it! I carried on! I just really felt sorry for all the older painters (yes! there are some OLDER than me!) that couldn't make it through this unbearably hot day and that inspired me to keep going..keep going. 3 o'clock I was really draggin', "Just another hour or so I thought!" I kept telling myself, "You can do it, Terry, you can make it!" I drank more water. "Just a little longer" Finally, "YES!!" I had come to a good stopping point and it was time to clean my shit up and go home!
I'm so glad I was working inside in the air conditioning and didn't have to put up with that sweltering heat like them other poor old bastards! Hell, I wouldn't have even shown up!

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