Monday, July 31, 2006


Hope y'all didn't miss this weekend's big event. No, not the grand re-opening of Fayetteville Street here in Raleigh. I'm talkin' about CMT's Hee Haw Weekend! Hell yeah! It was awesome. One Hee Haw after another all weekend long, non-stop stupid jokes, lazy hillbillies, hot girl hillbillies, old Country acts singing real Country music (plus Hank Jr.!), and Buck and Roy (who writes really really really awful songs and sings them in front of God and everybody..I especially hated the one about the "Orchid and the Rose". God Bless America! that sucked!)and the whole Hee Haw Gang. So thanks for the memories CMT...SAL-Loot!

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fcb said...

I was watching it on the background at a Buck Owens tribute show in CLT. You left out Earline's Aerobics!

What the......?