Thursday, August 17, 2006

chattanooga article

Kicking into high gear
Terry Anderson and OAK Team headline Nightfall
By Emily Bregel Staff Writer

Swifter, higher and stronger, Terry Anderson and the OAK Team hit the Nightfall concert series tonight, and Anderson says to expect a nonstop rambunctious performance."It¹s a whole lot like a circus," he said, adding that band members hold
nothing back at their shows notably guitarist "Big Daddy" Dave Bartholomew. "He¹s about 300 pounds, and he¹s jumping around all over the place like a gymnast." Critics have compared Anderson¹s musical style to artists from Credence Clearwater Revival to Tom Petty. Anderson himself lists among his influences Dave Edmunds, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis,Little Richard and the Rolling Stones."I started writing because of the Rolling Stones," he said. "They started writing really crappy records, so I had to start writing my own records."
The band, led by drummer and songwriter Anderson, features Jack Cornell on bass, Bartholomew on guitar, Scotty Miller also on guitar and Greg Rice on keyboard. They take the stage at 8 tonight. "There¹ll be maybe three or four slow songs just to give me a break, but most of them are at breakneck speed," he said.
Anderson has released three solo albums, compiled from songs he wrote while
playing with various bands, such as the Fabulous Knobs and the Woods. But as a prolific songwriter, Anderson says he wanted to form a group that would be primarily an outlet for his compositions, which have been covered by Etta James and the Georgia Satellites. That¹s where the OAK Team came in."This is kind of my solo band," Anderson said. "I just kind of think of it that way because I wrote all the songs, but I¹m trying to relinquish some of the (songwriting) duties. "The group just released its first, self-titled album last year. A review in No Depression magazine says the record "combines the Southern-fried Face-isms of the Georgia Satellites, the pile-driving rock of Rockpile and the scruffy heart of mid-tempo NRBQ." Though most members of the OAK Team play in musical groups outside this
band (Anderson is also a member of the Yayhoos), Anderson said the group has
the coherence and rapport he looks for in a band. "Everybody¹s really in a good place," he said. "It¹s exactly what I wanted from my band. I wanted them to be just outrageous and just having a party the whole time."
The OAK Team also will play a free show at Cat¹s Music and DVDs on Brainerd Road at 1 p.m. today. And Anderson hopes to work in other activities during the band¹s visit to the Scenic City. "I love Chattanooga," he said. "I hope that we have time to catch a ballgame."

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