Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Thanks ASCAP!

WooHoo! Got that big 'ol ASCAP check today. Man! I love being a rock star! Ya just sit there and wait for that money to roll in, meanwhile working on the next big hit. Well, the last part of that is not quite true, I really haven't had time to write much lately. But I DO throw ideas down that I will eventually (in another life!) go back to. ASCAP has been good at times, sometimes even GREAT! They are the checks I get for performance royalties, meaning the nickels I get from radio, TV and plays in Wal-Mart (believe it!.."I Love You Period" has been spotted a lot in there lately..but don't tell Steve Earle, he'll FORBID me from taking that money!). Anyhoo, the checks go up and down if you haven't had a hit in the past ten years. Back when "Period" was hot I got one for $14,500. Actually what happens is they hold your money for 9 months, steal the interest from that..and THEN send it to you. Damn nice of'm , huh?
So I get that money today and it's a DOMESTIC (from Amerka) performance check. That means one of my songs was played in Amerka and they gots to pay me fer it. The only song that paid off this time was Jo Dee Messina doing "Do Ya Wanna Make Something Of It". I wrote that one by myself..ooops!..did I say that outloud?...I mean with Pam Tillis's then husband (and seriously..all around great guy, we had a blast together!), Bob DiPiero. He didn't really change much I had about it, but we DID write a chorus together and isn't that what the damn songwriting thing is all about anyway? OK, so forget all that shit I just talked about him. He and his publisher got it placed too, so there..Terry! Mr. Hotshit songwriter dude! Be happy you're gittin' what you're gittin'!!
The check today was for $7.35 (147 nickels..but who's counting?). The tequila I bought tonight was $17...see why I paint for a livin'!?


Ace said...

You drink 17 dollar a bottle tequila? That's Masicism....

kyassor said...

Be happy about the $7.35 : it is more than you'd have got if you'd just sat around complaining about no good songs instead of writing them yourself :-)