Monday, July 10, 2006

Thrilling news!

I can't believe it! My dream gig has come true! The OakTeam is playing THIS Saturday with Chicago! (Believe it!) and our hero Huey Lewis! at the Walnut Creek Ampitheater! Oh my God! I'm just ecstatic! Of course, I really hate the hell outta them..but were ARE playing with them on the side stage. The REAL thrilling news is that we got an Email from Will and he has arrived safely in Ecuador. He said he got about 2 hours sleep on the plane, that the bus ride to the hotel was CRAZY but that all is fine. That's the news we've been waiting for.

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rolinstnz said...

My money sez you guys are the best on that ticket and will blow both acts off the stage..glad to hear Will arrived safely!