Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Robbie/Pour House

Even before Robbie Fulks and his incredible band played a single note of "Church Folks" or "Raindrops" (great to hear somebody sing it that could actually SING!!), I was a huge fan. And not just because he's originally from Creedmore, NC but because he one of the most talented people I've ever known. Funny as hell, during songs and between, I never wanted the show tonight to stop. Rapid fire.."Alabama's grand, the state..not the band.." (from: "North Carolina is the Cigarette State") has to be one of the best lines I've heard in while. "Billy Jean" (yeah, that one!) done calypso was brilliant and beautiful. What I love about Robbie is that he's always stressing the melodies, the beauty of them, and delivering them in his true, full range voice. He understands what makes a song stick to your innerds!
After about 2 hours of stop on a dime, ass kickin' Country music (and I mean REAL Country music like his tribute to Buck Owens "The Buck Starts Here") they finished the night with a song that he obviously made up on the spot (because the lines were about certain people in the audience) called "Encore". It was just a funky little thing that showed the audience just how easy it was to write a song. About NINE flawless verses just flew out of his ass and right into the mike before we knew what happened, just amazing! And speaking of amazing, his guitar player, Grant, pissed off every other git-fiddler in the house all night long. Left'm in the dust.
What a great band. Oh! ..and thanks for wearing that Olympic Ass-Kickin' Team shirt too, Robbie! See ya soon, Hopefully on your XM radio show!


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Anonymous said...

Robbie is great. He's #3 on my list of artist that I want to see in concert but haven't seen yet. BTW, OAK team is #1 on that list.

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