Sunday, June 25, 2006

Elks Lodge beatdown!

Yep! We did it! The OakTeam went into the Elks Lodge in Raleigh last night and kicked " 'er how many asses was out there!" It was stupid fun (not to mention profitable) playing for the 40th birthday party of one of (sometimes Oakteam guitarist) Scotty Miller's friends, Dan. Grandma was there shaking a tailfeather and the merch was flying off the table. The bartender couldn't see around the corner so he spent a lot of time out from behind the bar just to check out what all the beautiful fuss was about. I knew we was gonna be on fire when I looked over at our peeaner player Greg Rice during the third song and he already had his hands turned around mashing about 9 keys down at the same time. Scotty, of course played the event and brought the 12 string out for "Inez". Big Daddy as always kicked his fair share of ass and even sang a verse of "Purple GTO" for me. What does this guy NOT do? He drives the van, books the gigs, play his ass off on guitar (AND drums when I come out front) and then has the presence of mind to remember the lyrics to my songs? Amazing. All the girls of course wanted Jack, not only because of his badass bass playing but also because of his fashionable clown shoes. Well, not really Ha ha funny clown shoes but kinda. They really look more like off road bowling shoes. But anyway, to make a long story longer, we had a blast at the party and wanna thank Emma and Dan for having us. I heard Dan on the way out, "That was a great party, honey." Hell, it musta been, some dude was puking behind the bushes!


Anonymous said... guys totally kicked ass. I've been listening to your CD all day. Thanks for an awesome evening of ass-kickin rock-n-roll.

Signed, One of the happy partiers.

Emma said...

Thanks Mr. T for an evening of awesome music! Even the wussies outside liked it!! Hope to catch the OAKT at the Nog on 7/14.
You guys do kick major ASS!!!!
Yours Truly,
Emma (Big Mama E)