Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Woke up to my Dad calling me at 7:30 not knowing that we are an hour earlier. Soon thereafter the boomers cranked up. Storms rolled through town with a little lightening in tow. I was jones-ing for some real coffee so as soon as the rain let up I walked across the street to an overpriced place called Caffeine. I'm standing there waiting forever for a couple of $4.59 egg and cheese sandwiches for Roscoe and myself as my coffee got colder when I see who looks like Einstein walking in. As he gets closer to me I realize who it is. Fuckin' Gallager! Yeah, that guy!... sans watermelons. He's standing at the bar and getting equally disgusted as no one comes to his service for almost 5 minutes. He comes over to me and shrugs. "You waiting too? Anybody back there?" "Yeah" I say "but at least my coffee's getting cold!" "You know anything about computers?" "Not really" I say, knowing that I probably knew more than him but didn't wanna get stuck helping his ass after I had already waited for as long as I had. He walks over to another guy and starts explaining his problem. He starts telling the guy that he's in town writing a script for a movie about Nashville songwriters. I won't spill the beans but the plot sounded pretty damn funny.
Anyway, we had a really productive rehearsal later today, working about 6 hours on doing the new stuff live. Dan brought his acoustic guitar and it sounded great. The Atlanta show is just hours away but I think we'll be OK. It only gets better from here!

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Creener said...

What about the HOGS???

Oh - and I assume y'all are gonna work on "Store Bought Titties" while on this tour?!?!?