Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hangin' with Al

Rehearsal was a good 'ol time as the songs started to take the shape of versions that more resembled the ones on the record. Well, it was fun right up to the point when Dan dropped Keith's new bass and busted the input jack, just like he did on Keith's last new bass. Big Al got to town from his home in Santa Fe right about time that we got back to the hotel and he and I met at the Green Hills Grille for dinner. I had my favorite (that I could easily eat every night for the rest of my stupid life), grilled salmon on caesar salad. We left there and went to the Nashville Children's Theater and hung out (having our pictures made together and shit) back stage with John Hiatt (who obviously doesn't read my blog cuz he was REALLY nice to me!), Delbert (equally, if not MORE nice!), Gary Wright (that old "dreamweaver" himself!), John Randall (CMA songwriter of the year), Gary Nicholson and some other folks that I already knew. That new camera that Grace gave me was doing a lot of good back at the hotel!!

Off to Atlanta...

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