Saturday, April 15, 2006

topdown tequila tonight!!

I just found the best place in the entire world to listen to the new Yayhoos record my Beemer. BUT!! my Beemer, with the top down and sittin' on the trunk. Perfect!! I can stand up every once in a while in the back seat and yell "Hell Yeah!!" ..throw my hands up in the air and give it that Lynyrd Skynyrd whistle. Sounds great! ..and I can marvel at Keith Christopher cuz I'm gittin' all this low end back there..he is wonderful!!
So last night I introduced the Cockafloppin family. Greg Cockafloppin, Jack Cockafopplin, Big Daddy Cockafloppin and of course me...Tommy Cockaflopplin.
We sold tons o' shit last night plus the tips were stupid..close to $200...and a $100 off the bar...ignunt! ya ain't s'posed to git paid that much to have fun!!

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