Saturday, April 15, 2006

sammich shop

The gig at Sadlack's Heroes sandwich shop yesterday evening rocked just about like ass. We hadn't played in a while and everybody in the band was ready. It was unfair actually because we really never let up. We were having too much fun. One after another the OakTeam rolled pretty damn flawlessly though about 30 songs. We were like the Jamaican bobsled team, all of our asses sittin' in the same sled in the same groove and going down a hill not to be stopped! One for the ages you might say, it was complete with the contortionist, exercise dude throwing his body around in front of the "stage" and throwing his sweat all over the crowd. The crowd, by the way, that was singing along to about every song! All I can say is that if you weren't there, I feel sorry for you...and to the promoters in Europe that won't Email me are doing the world an injustice.

Randy..what did you think? "YoYo! Check it out man. I thought you guys started out a little rough but you worked it out, dog. I was really entertained."
Paula?.."Terry, I just can't believe how much energy you and Jack have at your ages. Every week you are getting better and better and are really starting to be the band that you and your audience have imagined that you would become. I'm just really blown away by your songs. I am a real fan."
Simon Cowell?.."I really don't know whut to say...I mean...I don't know whut these other two are watching...I thought it was dreadful..utterly dreadfull. I mean, yeah..the songs are good and the execution was terrific but America and the rest of the world is not ready for this...this is NOT whut this competition is's a NO for me!"


Raptor´s Ball - Blog! said...

Dear Terry,
I´m writing from germany. I ordered you OAKT-record and just love it!!! So better be sure that there are some people on the other side of the pont who appreaciate your music! ;-) Anyway; I know a promoter and already sent him an email...
All the best, Arthur

TA said...

Thanks a bunch Arthur, our bags are packed!